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Read what others are saying about "The Widower's Toolbox: Repairing Your Life After Losing Your Spouse:"

"This book helps readers through the biggest repair project of them all: mending a broken heart.  And although the book is aimed at men, there’s plenty of advice that women can use in it too."

- Milwaukee Journal Sentinel  (WI)

"With the help of professional grief counselor Bekkers, Schaefer writes about his experience of losing his young wife to breast cancer. His aim is to ease the pain of men in similar situations; to accomplish this, he provides 41 activities, e.g., reach out to others and honor their spouse's memory. Since men are hesitant to pick up self-help books, this could be safely given as a gift or used by a social worker or religious counselor."  - The Library Journal  (National)

“Gerald J. Schaefer joined with Tom Bekkers, MSW, APSW, … provide an excellent guide for grieving men that sets them on the path to healing.  Together they provide a wealth of information and advice on such things as organizing household tasks, resolving issues that prevent healing, handling children’s special needs, and learning to love again.” – Alan Caruba  Bookviews  - National Book Critics Circle (National)

"As a professional working in the field of bereavement I have come to truly appreciate the complexity of individuals experiencing grief and the resources that will "speak" to them.  I believe that Jerry's approach in The Widower's Toolbox: How to Repair Your Life After Losing Your Spouse will contribute to a niche for which there is little information available - practical suggestions and insight from someone who has been there. 

A common request from a bereaved individual is: help me to know how to get through this.  While the answers to this must come from the bereaved themselves, I believe Jerry's information will assist others in finding their own way through this very difficult time and offer a ray of hope." 

- Lisa De Sieno - MSE, LPC Director of Outreach, Unity Hospice "The Nation's Oldest Hospice Organization"

“ “Men never, never, ask for help (Schaefer) said. “Men find themselves grieving alone.” … not only useful to widowers, but those who help widowers during the grieving process, such as funeral directors, parish leadership, and even friends."

The Compass (WI)

"It has been a pleasure to have been one of the people in the Oncology Support Center of the hospital to read and come to support the book - "The Widower's Toolbox: How to Repair Your Life After Losing Your Spouse."  My wife Donna passed away after a two year battle with Multiple Myeloma.  Needless to say, after 51 years of marriage to an angel, I have been devestated.  Mr. Schaefer's book has given me a number of good ideas that have helped me channel my grief into some very constructive activities that have helped others while I helped myself!"

- Larry Steuck, Sr.   Initial concept test subject and Interviewee

"As a teacher, I am always looking for ideas that are easy to read and implement.  This book fit that need.  Mr. Schaefer's book provides support and many practical ideas from finding your way through finances to giving back to others that guide you through your various stages of bereavement.   I feel that because Mr. Schaefer is not a professional in the field of bereavement, and has walked this journey himself, he offers a refreshingly honest and thought provoking glimpse at what individuals may need in healing their grief."

- Marcia Wiese, Widow and initial concept test subject.


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