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The following resources follow the chapters of the book: "The Widower's Toolbox: How to Repair Your Life After Losing Your Spouse." - The Social Security Administration.  Your first stop after losing your spouse.  You will want to contact the SSA to learn about potential benefits you and your family may be entitled to receive. - The Veteran's Administration.  Check out this site if you or your loved one served in the Armed Forces. - If you do not already have created a trust and living will, now would be a great time to update these most important documents for managing your estate.  This is a great site to find an attorney near you. - Dr. Wayne Dyer has international reach in helping people improve their lives.  His site has a wide variety of resources that can help you regain your sense of purpose and help you refelct on the things that are truly important in your life.  Highly reccommended. - Dr. Depak Chopra brings a unique approach to understanding grief with an Eastern viewpoint.  Visit his site for a refreshing look at understanding what motivates our actions and how we define ourselves with how we think. - Kelly Howell's company offers probably the best meditation guides for the beginner as well as those practiced in the art.  Her healing meditation CDs have been clinically proven to help promote healing.  Try "Sound Sleep" if you find yourself not sleeping very well. - Lou Tice's Pacific Institute is internationally recognized as a leading resource for understanding the power of affirmations and how they can be used to change your belief systems that lead to permanant change. - Don't believe in psychics?  Neither did this website owner until he performed his own tests to discredit them and discovered a new truth.  One result was the creation of this site that serves as a resource for others to get connected with some of the nation's leading psychics. - Sylvia Brown covers so many topics of the paranormal that it is a must stop if you are interested in learning more. - Dr. Doreen Virtue's site focuses on the afterlife and tapping into angelic assistance.  As a doctor of psychology, Dr. Doreen covers the subject in a very comprehensive manner. - John Edward is a psychic that Mr. Schaefer was fortunate enough to have a reading done by him.  Completely convincing, John is simply one of the best. - The first stop in learning more about cancer and how you can help. - The Boy Scouts of America are always looking for help from others to keep their community activities going strong. - The Girl Scouts are also a great community group that reaches out to help others, so maybe you can help them in turn. - A one stop site where you can simply donate money to virtually any charity of your choosing. - Find your local Goodwill center here amongst other valuable information on how to help the disadvantaged in your community. - The Humane Society of the U.S. - A great place to find out more about a pet that could help you overcome your loss. - Another site to find a great pet. - Mothers Against Drunk Driving.  Have you been affected by a car crash resulting from a drunk driver?  Here is the site to learn more how you can help eliminate this problem in society. - The wide reach of the Salvation Army can turn your efforts into far reaching results for people you may never meet. - The mother of all charities, the United Way reaches out to many organizations right in your backyard. - A great place for anyone for all ages. - A local chapter of the YWCA could use your wife's clothing for women in need.



The Widower's Toolbox
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